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LIVE4 is an integrated Spectacles Design, Creative Event Technology Provider and Experiential Marketing company all under one roof. 

Your complete source for beyond Entertainment and Event Technologies specializing in Event Design & Technical Production for event agencies with offices in South East Asia and a strong global experience.

Founded in 2011, LIVE4's wealth of experience ranges from managing World tours for corporate clients to the most elaborate beauty pageants of all time "Miss Universe", our in-depth knowledge of various industries enables us to deliver exceptional targeted results with the perfect combination of our skilled team and our own fleet of technical equipments.

Special events are just that, unique productions that can take place in any venue. They often have extremely tight schedules and offer no second chances, as they are a one time only occurrence. We meet the demands of these events by providing high-quality equipment packaged for fast, problem-free setup.




Our vast experience within the event & experiential sector along side state-of-the-art technology enables us to create stunning concepts, from award ceremonies broadcasted to the masses to beautiful destination weddings. We adapt to our client’s needs to provide a robust and standout technical solution.



Conceived as being one of the few companies in the region that does not focus solely on renting equipment or providing technical services but offering and delivering a solution that satisfies the goal of each and every client regardless of scale, budget, venue or requirements.




Out of this world experiences that are unique and has not been seen before has wowed audiences from all over the world. We take pride with new concepts, application of technologies and excellence in execution that results in a marriage of quality of thought and the perfection of craftsmanship.




Bringing the world closer together, no matter where you are. We strive to create and engage our audiences through new platforms with the involvement of technologies to personally deliver your key message and effective content without the traditional physical boundaries. We offer a full-on solution in conjunction with our Studio XYZ partnership offering a Bangkok based venue where the sky is the limit.

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