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Our multi-disciplinary design studio offers service from the Initial Concept Planning of a project be-it a TV Program, Fashion Shows, Conferences through to Destination Weddings.

From Venue sourcing through to the finishing touches, our experience designers ensures that guest experiences are not hindered by traffic jams or messy cables. Every attention to detail is perfected with technology and thoughtfulness in every moment.`



Your first port-of call to your event is your Concept. We help clients initiate their project from the pitching phase where ideas originate and elements are crafted. The Initial Concept Design is the starting point to every successful project where they also help attract investors in certain cases.


Maximizing the most out of your venue selection is the key to success. We also pay special attention to transforming your venue into an ultimate experience whether you would like to bring the outdoors to the indoors or convert a black room into a white one, we have the experience in making it a reality.




Morris Lapidus once said "If you create the stage setting and it's grand, everyone who enters will play their part", we do exactly that. Scenic elements designed to evoke and engage offers an interactive playground beyond the five senses. Carefully choreographed at the right moment, tells a story that lasts a lifetime.


Our experts in Lighting Design creates the perfect environment for your event. Whether you have decided for extravagance or intimacy, we can provide a tailored solution for your perfect moment. Creative and Eye Burning scenes for Concerts and Parties are also our specialty. Our lighting designers are known for the city's most intense lighting scenes and also the most mellow Stage Wash perfect for Conferences and Corporate Events where engaging moments are a necessity.



Be it the most complex rigging, automation, audio or flying system, our technical designers with vast experiences can create any solution to move, lift, amplify and magicalize your event.



Working with the most extensive database in the region, our Sourcing team is able to source materials, technical elements, finishing, venues and more. Whatever our design might be, our team has the expertise to make it happen correctly and safely. 

You say it, we'll source it.

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