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All that glitters are the latest in Cutting Edge technology to transform your next event into a world-class spectacle. Maintained by our skillful technicians, equipments and technologies are always kept in pristine condition.

Extensive inventory of high quality technical equipment from Audio, Video, Lighting to limitless state of the art Automation and Scenic. None of this would be possible without our vast in-house inventory of technical equipment to power these artful experiences. We’re proud of our professional design and engineering team capable of running an event of any complexity.

Bespoke solutions and customized technologies are our specialty. Stay tuned for exciting updates to our inventory regularly.



Our hire department offers Ready to Go Equipment and Setup packages available at 12-hours notice subject to availability. It has been created to serve clients who require simple & hassle free setup. We will even deliver it to your site in Bangkok Metropolis

This special offers applies to our Bangkok Warehouse only and does not include Technicians and Setup crew.

For our other offices, please contact us using the button below for the most accurate quote including delivery.




This simple projector package offers all you need for a simple presentation

1 set of 5,000 ANSI HD Projector

with Standard Lens

1 set of 2.4m x 1.35m 16:9 Screen

1 set of Logitech Clickers

HDMI Cable to connect your Laptop

Power Cords

Delivery to your site in Bangkok

THB 20,000.00

Cost per day / Subject to Availability / Not including VAT 7.0%



This simple Screen Package meets the need of your presentation

1 set of LED TV 50-inch with remote

1 set of Wall Mount or Floor Stand

HDMI Cable to connect your Laptop

Power Cords

Delivery to your site in Bangkok

THB 10,000.00

Subject to Availability / Not including VAT 7.0%



A clear and concise communication is the effective tool to power your speech.

2 sets of Bose L1 Compact Speaker

(Up to 50 people indoor)

Set of Mixing Console

2 sets of Handheld Wireless Microphones

(Add +1,000 per Lapel/Earset Microphone)

1 set of Laptop Sound Port to connect your Laptop/USB Device

Power Cords

Delivery to your site in Bangkok

THB 20,000.00

Subject to Availability / Not including VAT 7.0%




A simple stage wash and amplified sound for your event up to 100 people indoors.

The inclusions of our Audio Package plus:

2 extra sets of Bose L1 Compact speakers

4 sets of Theatrelight TL-F500 LED Fresnels

4 sets of VIVIDLITE LED Pars RGB

1 set of Simple Lighting Console

2 sets of Lighting Stands up to 3.5m

Delivery to your site in Bangkok on the day of your event.

THB 35,000.00

Subject to Availability / Not including VAT 7.0%



Our inventory features a range of conventional and exciting "bespoke" solutions to cater

for the most rigorous requirements to the most creative applications. Whether your project is large or small, Online or On Live, we have the solution that’s right for you.

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 17.15.09.png
VV2 Wash

Automated Lighting

The VV2 Wash, a proprietary product of LIVE4 Viva is a hybrid automated wash, beam and eye candy fixture offering 6 x 50W RGBW Osram emitters and a zoom range of 4.7deg-40deg with an array of effects.

Chorus Line

Automated Lighting

The CHORUS LINE 16 RGBW LED Bar from Elation Professional is an 16-pixel bar wash light with motorized zoom and 220° tilt. It features 40W 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs and variable LED refresh rate and gamma brightness for flicker free operation for TV and films.

ARRI SkyPanel

Conventional Lighting

SkyPanel is a compact, ultra-bright and high-quality LED soft light that sets a new standard for the industry. With a design focused on form, color, beam field and output. SkyPanel is perfect for video shoots, photo backdrops, fill lighting and general wash light where the application requires high CRI+.

Source4 Mini

Specialty Lighting

Available in White and Black, this discreet luminaire is perfect for framing art pieces, highlighting product displays and enhance exhibitions and spaces. With its small footprint, the fixture can be mounted anywhere and be seamlessly integrated into your set design.

Signature Stand

Bespoke Product

Our range of signature stands are customized to blend in with the environment. Due to its sleek and low-profile, the stand can be concealed in nooks, alcoves and other limited space to provide support for Projection, Lighting, Screens and other peripherals in high fashion.

d&b T10


d&b audiotechnik is the Main Workhorse of our Audio department. The speaker can be joined in clusters to form a Line Array or rotated and separated for Point Source applications. Offering signature sound, the loudspeaker is extremely popular for the likes of corporate through concerts.


Line Array System

Our flagship Line Array system can power up a large stadium for up to 20,000 people. Adamson is known worldwide for its high quality uncompromised sound powered by Kevlar drivers. The system is featured on riders of top artists in the world and is the number one choice for many.


Bespoke Products

Say goodbye to old followspots, Using a patented 3D tracking system, sitting behind a camera-fed display which shows a view of the full stage, controlling lights simply by a mouse, one operator in a convenient location can follow a performer with up to 4 moving lights.


LED Screen

The 100cm x 50cm module of Vivid clear offers 3.9mm x 7.2mm pitch mounted on clear acrylic chassis. The screen is fully transparent and offers a new world of multi-layer high resolution image. The screens can be used in layers to form new possibilities or use in traditional fashion with an added twist.


LED Screens

The Vivid Corner is an ultra slim bezel LED Module that can be connected to form complete right angles with only 0.5mm bezel. The screen is perfect for 3-dimensional displays and to support the ever-growing trend of Xr and other immersive designs.


Bespoke Product

PixiCrowd solution offers integrative Lighting technology by employing wireless pixels in form of wristbands, dots, wands and other customized shapes to create a sea of pixels. Video can be fed over the stream to create mesmerizing effects over a large area resulting in a picturesque extravaganza.


Bespoke Product

The VividBar is a versatile LED Bar with ArtNet technology where video content can be fed to create multiple canvases of media. The Vivid Bar comes with milky, clear and 360 degree options enable limitless possibilities for an innovative scenic design.

Barco E2

Image Processing

Raising the bar for live screen management, the E2 presentation system provides superior image quality, exceptional input and output density, great expandability and durability. 

disguise 4x4pro

Media Servers

disguise offers new horizons for our content team to create stunning visuals and tracking content for the exciting world of Extended Reality. Designed for the largest video surfaces in the world, the 4x4pro is capable of driving up to 16 HD projectors or LED processors from a single server unit.


Bespoke Product

Our Lightweight winch system carries up to 2kg and features a 24V 3-Channel RGB Connection and up to 5kg with an SPI Connector allowing objects of various shapes and sizes to be connected creating imaginative compositions and dynamic sculptures for spectacles of various scales.



Our team is ready for your inquiry. Let us know how we can enhance your next event.

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